Bradley Systems Is Looking For International Distributors!

August 26, 2016

We have identified a strong demand in several markets, and now it’s time to serve those customers.

At Bradley, we pride ourselves on products that conform to some of the strictest of U.S. environmental and safety standards. But while the U.S. is strict, some other countries are even stricter, and local suppliers have difficulty meeting standards without sacrificing quality.

Enter Yellow Magic 7. We receive frequent requests from companies in Europe, Asia, Canada and South America that are interested in Yellow Magic 7 because they’re looking for a product that is not just compliant, but also works. Yellow Magic 7 handles the toughest jobs, and conforms to environmental and food safety standards:

  • Nestle and Swiss Ordinance Compliant
  • REACH/SVHC compliant
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-Hazmat
  • Zero-swelling

Yellow Magic 7 handles a wide variety of substances and surfaces, including Flexo UV and water-based printer ink and varnish. It is shipped in ready-to-use or in concentrate, and is incredibly easy to ship and store.

If you are interested in being the distributor to tap into these enthusiastic markets, contact Bradley today at 800-252-1114 or email